Outside Kids is a resource for grownups who want to go outside with kids. I provide tips on where to go outside with your kids and what to do once you’re there. And occasionally I coordinate outings where everyone is welcome.

This website has all the info you need to go outside. Note that you don't need much more than an idea of where to go and the will to make it happen. Subscribe to Outside Kids so you get the goods delivered straight to your inbox. The Outside Kids Facebook page can be helpful too.


Spending quality time outside in nature is scientifically proven to be good for you. But if you really think about it, we shouldn’t need scientific studies to prove this. Humans are nature. We are animals and lived for thousands of years in close connection to the elements, animals, plants, earth. We aren’t built to sit still in front of a glowing screen for hours and hours.

Nature is everywhere and there isn’t one way to enjoy or benefit from it. Again, there are studies that show this. Something simple like the trees that line your street makes you healthier and happier. Really, there’s a study that proves it. You don't need to go backpacking to love nature. Nor do you have to shop at REI.

I advocate that everyone spend more time outside. The time can be spent exploring, walking, running, biking, sitting, laying down, camping, backpacking, crawling, hopping, skipping, birding, or any combination of these. And “outside” can be a city park, preserve, reserve, refuge, wilderness, monument, open space, farm, ranch, beach, mountain, small, huge, or any combination of these.

Just go outside.


I am Annie Burke.

I grew up running cross-country through Redwood Regional Park in Oakland and playing on the beach in Pescadero. I love living in the Bay Area.

Now I live in Berkeley with my husband and two kids. I work in land conservation and you can read about my work here. You can also find me on Twitter because a good hashtag makes me laugh out loud.