No outing to Point Pinole on 10/14

Hello everyone,

I just can't encourage kids and their families to go outside and run around with the air quality as bad as it is. Maybe it will be better on Saturday, but what if it's not? It seems to change hourly, and I just don't want to risk it. 

We will go to Point Pinole another day. 

Together we will help our friends and family and neighbors in the North Bay rebuild, restore, and heal. The devastation is horrible and tragic. But the community that will be built because of it will be strong and beautiful. My deep respect and thanks to all of the firefighters, police, volunteers, neighbors and public servants who are helping, saving, protecting, serving, and caring for these places and the plants and animals (humans included) that live there.

Take good care of yourself, of your kids, and your community. And we'll go outside and run around sometime soon.


PS: I've started a new project. It's called The Sun Rises. It's all about hope and inspiration and action for future generations on this one and only planet we have. Subscribe here.


Dear Outside-Kid-ers,

Hey Outside-Kid-ers, 

I went to Point Pinole today for work and it was like sticking your head in an actively burning fire pit and deeply inhaling. The smoke was thick, and it burned our eyes and throats. (we didn't stay long).

The winds will no doubt change by Saturday, and perhaps going outside together will be just what we need, and the air will be clear. 

But perhaps not. The fires in Sonoma, Napa, Solano, and Mendocino are still burning. The winds are still fast. The humidity low. It is a serious, tragic, and horrible situation.

I'll post an update to the website on Friday to make a call on whether our biking/birding outing is on or off. 

Take good care, people.