Introducing a new way to arrive at Point Pinole, and also beach golf!

East Bay Regional Park District recently opened a new entrance to Point Pinole Regional Park, and my kids say it's pretty good. They liked the new bathrooms ("mom, I'd say they're the best park toilets I've ever seen") and the new drinking fountains. These are the things that my kids pay attention to.

I thought the new entrance was great, but it's the green everywhere and wildflowers that got my attention. And the low tide.

After an hour at the beach, my kids whined that they were bored. I said, 'that's nice.' Three minutes later beach golf was born. They found driftwood golf clubs, smoothed out the sand to make fairways, dug shallow craters for the holes, and used an old tennis ball that was at the bottom of my backpack. They played for at least an hour.

Boredom is so cool. 

Note: The new entrance is at the western end of Atlas Road in Richmond. From the Richmond Parkway, turn west on Atlas Road and you'll drive right into the park. The new directions aren't up on the District website yet. 

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