Looking for something cool to do with older kids?

Or find yourself a babysitter and make it a date day. However you do it, you're invited to take part in the City Nature Challenge!

Sixteen cities across the country are vying to prove that their area has the most nature and the most nature-loving residents. This is a competition that I wholeheartedly believe in. (the competition that happens at our dining table on who can put the most mac 'n cheese their mouth, not so much)

It's happening April 14-18, 2017. What you need to do is share your findings of plants and animals in any of the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties by uploading photos using the free iNaturalist app. Take photos of nature while out on a hike, while on your walk to lunch, or even in your own backyard! Easy!

Participation is easy:

  1. Download the free iNaturalist app to your mobile device.
  2. Between April 14-18, take photos to make “observations” of wild plants and animals in your backyard, while hiking in a park, along your walk to school or work—anywhere you find nature.
  3. Upload your photos to iNaturalist.
  4. Learn more as the iNaturalist community helps identify your observations.

Interested in taking part in the City Nature Challenge but not sure where to start?

Join the California Academy of Sciences in a morning “bioblitz” of Ring Mountain in Marin on Saturday, April 15, starting at 9 am. Learn how to use iNaturalist, how to carefully search for plants and animals, and how to turn your findings into observations to help the San Francisco Bay Area win the City Nature Challenge! More information and registration found here.

Sooo... jump in, share this info with friends/teachers/classmates, and go have some fun April 14-18. Your kids will think you're super cool.

(photos courtesy of the California Academy of Sciences and
the amazing Alison Young and Rebecca Johnson)

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