Who says we don't have seasons

Anders (age 6) took his parents and dog Maizy to Sunol Regional Wilderness in April and it looked like this:

Anders, Maizy and parents went back recently - to the very same place - and this is what it looked like:

Who says we don't have seasons in the Bay Area? There's the wet and green season, and then dry and yellow season.

(thanks Anders' mom for the pics!)


A summer list

This Outside Kids thing continues to evolve. My commitment to helping you go outside remains unchanged. Read about what I care about and why here. But how I'm going to help you is changing just a bit.

I will occasionally organize an outing when the mood strikes, when the timing is right, and when it's just too awesome out there to stay inside. I will post info about it here and on the Facebook page.

I hear from a lot of you that you're going to places you learned about on this website. That's great! I'm thrilled! Let's do more of it. I will more frequently post ideas, tips, and cool things here on the website. Because of the work I do, I get to know the people and places in the Bay Area that make this an amazing place to live and explore. I'll share some of that with you.


So let's get this started with:

This weekend 100 young people will hike and camp in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and it's something you could do too. Search #packthepark on Instagram or read about it and watch some super cute videos.

I love this app. Maybe we'll use it next outing so that late arrivals can find us.

For those of you with teenagers.

Did you go to Vargas Plateau when it opened? If not, you'll have to wait. It's closed now.

This is a great time of year for Point Pinole.

This mom inspires me.

I'd like to make a list of all the unofficial rope swings in Bay Area parks. Here's the first:

Happy Summer!