Ideas for what to do for Memorial Day weekend

I have some ideas for you. Maybe you want to do something simple this weekend, but outside and easy. Maybe you want to try something new and go explore somewhere in nature. Maybe you have friends visiting and you want to impress them. Whatever the case might be, I have ideas that might be just the thing for you.


1. Go pick cherries, strawberries, and whatever else you can pick right now. The place is Brentwood and this is your website. They have an app too. It's a little bit of a drive but man, picking fresh fruit is just awesome. My advice is to arrive there around 9am. It gets hot and crowded so being done and leaving the farms by 12pm is advised.

2. Go explore and play at the beach at Point Pinole. I've waxed poetically (or at least just waxed) about how much I love this place. There's a beach that we've been to 100 times. There's the walk to the pier where you can watch people fishing, or go fishing yourself. Read all about it and go. 

3. Ride bikes at Coyote Hills. Nothing says deep exhale like riding the flat trails at Coyote Hills. The trails go for miles along the end of Alameda Creek and along the levees around the salt ponds. There is great birding (white pelicans are HUGE!) and the visitor center is awesome. My friend and fellow outside-kid-taking-mom Chasqui Mom takes her kids there all the time (for example) and I cheer every time I see it on Instagram

4. Climb a tree. When was the last time you did?

And if none of those float your boat, peruse Outside Kids website for more ideas. All I ask is that you go outside with your kids. It's good for them, and it's good for you. 

Happy weekend!

PS: Excuse me for getting political, but have you heard about Measure AA? It's on the June 7 ballot in the 9 counties of the Bay Area. It's a good thing. Outside Kids encourages you to vote yes.

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