Going outside at Sunol on April 10

The hills are alive! The creeks are flowing! The wildflowers are popping!

If you can get away this weekend, I'd highly recommend Morgan Territory. Or Briones. Or the north side of Mount Diablo where the waterfalls are falling. Really, anywhere outside will be glorious. Unfortunately our plans don't support an Outside Kids outing this weekend, but go anyway. Just go.

We will venture out as an Outside Kids official thing on Sunday, April 10 at 10am at Sunol Regional Wilderness. This is a short walk - maybe 1/2 mile - down the creek to a place where we can explore and play. We've been there 5-6 times over the years and every time it's different. This time it will most certainly be different. There will be water!

Here's the deal:

  • Sunday, April 10 at 10am
  • Sunol Regional Wilderness
  • Meet at the foot bridge which is on your left about 100 yards after the entrance kiosk. There's a bathroom next to a small field, and in the trees is a bridge. We'll be at a picnic bench by the bridge. 
  • This is a great outing for people of all ages. Even little kids can do this walk. The trail is not stroller friendly.
  • I'll confirm as we get closer and post on the website and Facebook page if we cancel due to weather.
  • See past Sunol outings here.

  • From Fremont, drive north on I-680 and exit at Calaveras Road (near the town of Sunol.) Turn right at the exit onto Calaveras Road and proceed about four miles to a left turn onto Geary Road, which leads directly into the park. (If you find yourself driving uphill on a narrow winding road you’ve missed the Geary Road turnoff.) To reach the Old Green Barn take the first left after the park entrance.
  • From the Oakland-Berkeley area, drive east on I-580 to the junction with I-680. Take I-680 south and exit at Calaveras Road/Highway 84 just south of the Sunol exit. At the bottom of the exit turn left onto Calaveras Road and proceed as noted above.
  • From the Walnut Creek-Danville area, drive south on I-680 and exit at Calaveras Road/Highway 84 just south of the Sunol exit. Proceed as noted above.


An adventure at Morgan Territory

20 people braved the elements to explore at Morgan Territory today. And it looked like this:

If you can get yourself there, I highly recommend it.


Here's the plan for tomorrow, March 12

I'm sitting at my desk looking out the window at 2:45pm on Friday, March 11. The wind is blustery. It's pouring rain one minute and sunny the next. And it's been raining for 2 days so our sump pump is spitting up buckets of water every 2-3 minutes.

I'm itchin' to go outside.

I want so badly to go to Morgan Territory and take some deep breaths and explore that beautiful place. We made plans to go tomorrow, March 12, and we're going to stick with that plan.

Here's the deal:
  • Saturday, March 12 at 10am at the staging area parking lot. Directions are below. 
  • The forecast for Livermore says cloudy in the morning, showers in the afternoon. So maybe we'll escape actual rain.
  • The drive there is gorgeous. 
  • It's going to be muddy. There will be micro-creeks. Dress accordingly. 
  • Bring extra clothes, extra shoes, towels, and plastic bags (or a car trunk that you don't care about getting muddy). 
  • A map will be on our car windshield for those who come later. 

Hope to see you! This is going to be an adventure.

From I-580 in Livermore, exit onto N. Livermore Ave. and turn north. Shortly after N. Livermore curves left (west), turn right onto Morgan Territory Road and follow it for about 5.5 miles to the staging area.


Serenity and peace and freedom on March 12

It's time!

All this rain makes for excellent going-outside conditions. There is the risk that it'll be raining next Saturday, but let's try. Let's see what we can do.

We're going to meet at Morgan Territory on Saturday, March 12 at 10am. We'll meet in the parking lot and wait about 15 minutes till we head out. A map will be on our silver Prius' windshield if you come later. Directions are below. It's a bit of a drive, but through absolutely beautiful country. And it's so worth it once you get there.

There are three loops and therefore three options depending on your leg length, stamina, interest, and time:

1) The short loop is about 1 mile long. There are lots of places to pull off the trail and play and explore. It's not stroller-friendly but it's an easy walk for little legs.

2) The long loop is about 2 miles long. We'll go off-road to see Olivia's Owl Tree and Angelina's Granary tree.

3) The longer loop is about 4 miles long. And it could easily be extended if people want to go out farther. It's an out-and-back kind of deal so it's easy to go farther or less far.

I'll provide a hand-drawn map that shows how to do each. I spend a lot of time looking maps, but I'm not a cartographer. (Insert legal disclaimer language here).

Saturday March 12 at 10am at Morgan Territory. There's no official end time - you can leave whenever you want. I'm guessing that me and my family will leave about 1pm.

Bring with you: 
Water and food, weather-appropriate clothes which are hard to predict a week before hand, a change of clothes are always good, something to carry food and water in, and some curiosity is essential.

Here's the Google Map link. Take 580 East to Livermore. From I-580 in Livermore, exit onto N. Livermore Ave. and turn north. Shortly after N. Livermore curves left (west), turn right onto Morgan Territory Road and follow it for about 5.5 miles to the staging area.

You don't need to register or RSVP. Just come if it works for you. Invite anyone and everyone! The park is big.