Because it's the 510 and winter and books

I love December.

It's just a beautiful month in the Bay Area. The light at 3:30pm is stunning... all breathy and soft and at a cool angle. The hills are turning green, the creeks are flowing, and the leaves are falling/fallen. I love December in the Bay Area.

So I wrote all about it for 510 Families. Check it out and pass it onto your (510) living and recreating friends.

There's a whole lotta gift giving this time of year and so I thought I'd share some books that I love. They might be just the thing for the kids and grownups in your life who like that nature stuff. 

For kids: 
  • The Curious Garden is a favorite. It's all about the power of kids to make change in the world. I'm all for that. 
  • My Side of the Mountain is totally awesome. Tons of stuff to talk about with your kids. What would you do if you lived in a tree in the winter in New York State?
  • Elephant and Piggie are totally hilarious. I don't know what they have to do with nature - except that they're animals but kinda not really - but the series is so smart. "We're in a Book!" is so clever. 

For grownups:
  • I'm half way through Jason Mark's book Satellites in the High Country. It's deep. And really fascinating. I'm loving it.
  • I love Orion Magazine and devour it as soon as it arrives.
  • As a mom of two kids who spend a decent amount of time outside, there have been some falls and skinned knees. It happens. This book has guided a lot of my "outside parenting." And I guess my "inside parenting" as well. 
  • Can I recommend a book that I haven't yet read? H is for Hawk is on my bedside table waiting for me.
  • And this... this book has nothing to do with the topic at hand, but is an incredible book. Masterful storytelling. 

Jump over to Facebook and tell me what books you like that have something to do with nature, kids, and parenting. I want to hear.

Then hug your kid tight. There's a lot of love and beauty in the world if we look for it.

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