Butterflies in Berkeley

There's buzz over on Berkeleyside and Facebook about monarch butterflies at Aquatic Park in Berkeley. So we had to check it out naturally. Here are a few things you need to know:
  • There's an elaborate play structure at the end of the road. Good for big and little kids. 
  • The butterflies are near the 14th hole of the disc golf course. 
  • Look west and see if you can see the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • The Eastshore Freeway (Interstate 80) is built on land fill. Once upon a time you would have been on the bay.
  • Eating at Vic's is a good post-butterfly idea.


Opting Outside in the Redwoods

Thanks to Save the Redwoods League 49 State Parks have free admission on Friday, November 27 (the day formerly known as Black Friday and will forever more be called Green Friday if I have something to do about it). This was just announced two days ago and it's already sold out for some parks. That's both great (people are going outside!) and a bummer (I didn't get one of those passes!).

Here's what you can do:

  • Some passes are still available for some parks. Sign up quick.
  • Go find other parks that have redwoods in them! There are many. There's a real obvious one in the East Bay - Redwood Regional Park (so obvious that it's in the name). Bonus is that the ladybugs are there along the Stream Trail. 
  • Go outside somewhere else. Redwoods are great, but so are beaches, meadows, and oak trees. Just go!
  • Solano Land Trust is leading an OptOutside outing at Rockville Trails Preserve, which is cool because you can only go there on a docent-led hike. So this is like a special pass to a special place. Sign up here.
  • Get all social with it on REI's OptOutside website. As of this moment 915,071 people have opted to go outside on Friday the 27th. That's what you call A LOT of people. Yes! 


Yeah, that felt good

We live in an incredible place. For many reasons, including the fact that a day off from school and work can look like this without too much effort: