When the levee breaks - plans for Sunday, 10/25

Anyone remember this song? Or is just me?

Tomorrow (Sunday, 10/25) we're going to see a levee break at Sear's Point in Sonoma. They're expecting 1000 people to attend, so we're not going to coordinate an official Outside Kids meet up like we usually do. Go when you can, and we'll see you somewhere there.

Here's info from Sonoma Land Trust, who's the organization behind this whole thing:

We ask that you please plan to arrive anytime between 2pm and 5:30pm--please no earlier and no later.

Please note: the levee will already have been breached earlier in the day, so there is no need to arrive at the very beginning of this time frame--the waters will be flowing through the levee and throughout the entire site all day. You may want to consider arriving sometime in the later afternoon to avoid the initial rush of traffic.

Once onsite, you will have the opportunity to walk the trails on your own, and talk to the various interpreters and birders along the way to ask questions and learn more about the project and wildlife. There are two main trails to take: the mile-long walk out to the viewing platform at the breach site and the 2.5-mile long future extension of the Bay Trail.

This afternoon will be the only opportunity to get up close to the breach site--in the future the trail will end a ways before that site. It will take about an hour to walk to the levee breach site and back. The Bay Trail extension heads away from the breach site and you can walk however far along it you wish and observe the extent of the reach of the new sea waters. The Bay Trail extension is planned to be opened to the public toward the end of this year.

We ask that you remain on the levees and do not descend off the trails into the restoration area. The waters will be in the process of filling the subsided lands and becoming tidal, and we want everyone to be safe as it is finding its place. Sunset is at 6:18pm, so please time your walks so that you will be back to your cars by 6:30 (although you can leave at any time prior to that).

The trails are dirt and mostly flat, although there is a slight incline to get up onto the levee. Please wear good walking shoes and bring a sunhat, sunscreen, wind protection, and plenty of water. You may also wish to bring binoculars, cameras, etc.

There will be portable restrooms on site. Please leave your pets at home.

DIRECTIONS FROM EAST/VALLEJO: (Drive time from Vallejo approx. 20 minutes): Proceed west on Highway 37 past the juncture of Hwy 121 and continue to the stop light at Lakeville Highway. Take a left at the stop light onto Reclamation Road. You will be directed to parking.

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