Tales of the 4th Grade Someone who goes to National Parks

The National Park Service celebrates its 100th birthday in 2016. There will be lots of opportunities to honor this major milestone between now and the actual birthdate of August 25, 2016. There’s one that is super exciting if you have a kid in 4th grade. Or know a 4th grader. Or if you can find a 4th grader to be your temporary friend.

All national parks in the country are free for 4th graders between now and August 31, 2016. Click here to find out more, and to sign up for a passport. The passport is your ticket in. And signing up is very easy to do.  My 4th grade son and I did it in about 3 minutes.

Outside Kids is going to get in on the 100th anniversary action. Why not? We're always looking for a good excuse to go outside. Over the next few months we’re going to go to some of the national parks in the east bay. Did you know there are four national parks in the east bay? Why yes, there are!
  1. World War II National Homefront Historic Site with the Rosie the Riveter visitor center as the centerpiece – Richmond
  2. John Muir’s house and gardens – Martinez
  3. Port Chicago historic site – Concord
  4. Eugene O’Neill’s house – Danville

Okay, so technically they're historic sites, not parks. But still. Fourth graders get in for free and we're going. 

So to join in, and go to as many national parks as you can in the next 11 months, first go sign up for your passport. Click here. And stay tuned to this station for our upcoming trips! 

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