Hey #OutsideKids! Let's #OptOutside

I don't know how to say this.

REI stole my idea. We did #OptOutside before hashtags were a thing. On Black Friday in 2013 we didn't go shopping and we went outside. You can see it here and here as proof. I'm fine that they stole it, but for the record it was my idea first. Okay, fine we don't have 143 stores and thousands of employees who we're paying even though they're not working. But whatever. I think I should get a free Patagonia jacket from them anyway.

With that out of the way, let's make plans for Friday, November 27. Because of family plans I'm not going to coordinate an outing. Instead I'm asking that you all go outside that day. I'll help with ideas for where to go. You go. I go. We all go!

Let's start. Hop over to our Facebook page to get ideas, share plans, post pictures, and talk it up. REI is doing something similar on this website in the Gallery. Do as much or as little social media sharing as you want. Just go outside on November 27. That's all I ask.

You down?

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