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Hi 510 Families!

I'm honored to have been profiled on their site. Check it out. There's all kinds of goodness over there... jump over and see what they can do for ya.


Golden hills and cold tunnels

We went to Black Diamond Mines today and it looked like this:

We're going to take July and August off. We'll be back in early September. Stay tuned to this website and/or Facebook for plans as we figure them out. 

Happy summer!


Coal mining on Sunday

Coal mines aren't something we're usually all that excited about. Just plain old coal isn't something we're that excited about. Yay to renewable energy!

But history is cool and so is going outside and so... off to Black Diamond Mines we go. Join us Sunday, June 14 at 10am and we'll focus more on the cool stuff than the coal stuff.

Never been to Black Diamond Mines? Doug McConnell can tell you about it.

For kids there are tunnels, abandoned train tracks, caves, places to run, dusty hills, and much more. We'll take deep breaths and let them explore.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Directions are here.
  • Info about the park is here.
  • We'll meet in the parking lot at the end of Somerville Road at 10am. 
  • If you're late, that's fine. 
  • We'll leave a map on a silver Prius for where we plan to have lunch.
  • If you want to do your own thing, that's fine.
  • Bring sun protection, water, and food. 
  • The first place we'll walk to is the Greathouse Visitor Center. 

My name is Annie and I'll be there with a straw cowboy hat on, a 6 year old, a 9 year old, and my video producer.

See you outside!



That's it.

I have had enough of the fog. And wind. And cold. It's June and I'm wearing thick socks. 

Yeah, I know it's not really that cold. It's like 65 degrees. That's not cold for Minnesota in the winter, but it's not winter and I'm not in Minnesota. I am in California and it's summer. 

We are going to find some heat. And sun.

Join us on Sunday June 14 at 10am at Black Diamond Mines. We will meet in the parking lot at the end of the road. We will go in a mine. We will climb around caves. We will walk a few miles and some of it uphill. Bring lunch and water and some energy.

Also bring sunscreen because darn it we are going to find us some sun and heat. 

Directions are here. Or:
Black Diamond is located in Contra Costa County, south of Pittsburg and Antioch. Take Highway 4 to the Somersville Road exit in Antioch, then drive south (toward the hills) on Somersville Road to the Preserve entrance. We'll meet in the parking lot near the Somerville Townsite.  Go past the Visitor Center and go until the road ends.

How this Outside Kids thing works is here. Friends and family are welcome. RSVPs not needed.