This is what a really low tide looks like

Math has never been my strength, but I counted 68 people at Point Pinole today who got there via Outside Kids in some way or another. 68! That's a whole lotta people. There were friends of friends and friends of friends of friends. It's an Outside Kids record, not that we're aiming for some kinda record.

We spread out over the beach and walked what seemed for miles into the bay. The sun was shining, people of all ages played. One person said she felt cleansed by the fresh air and time outside. Many people there on the beach hadn't ever been to Point Pinole before. Several small world connections ("wait, how do you two know each other?!") were made. And this is what it looked like:

If you want to go, start in the Point Pinole parking lot. Walk up the hill to the bridge across the train tracks, cross the bridge, turn left onto the Bay Trail. Once you're along the bay, at the first grove of eucalyptus trees, look for paths down to the beach. Walk down on an informal trail. Play. Directions to Point Pinole are here.

We'll go somewhere in February. Not sure where yet. In the meantime, go outside!

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