Ladybugs on Sunday

We're planning to go outside this coming Sunday, December 14. At 10am we'll meet in the parking lot of Redwood Regional Park. Specifically, we're going to the southern entrance which is off of Redwood Road. Once you go past the kiosk, drive until you can't drive no more. We'll start at the end of the road.

We're going because of ladybugs. Check this out (or this link if you don't see a video below):

They over-winter near the stream in Redwood and they're there in the thousands. Or at least they have been there. Don't for a second believe that I'm guaranteeing ladybugs. I've seen them there and they're well documented in their over-wintering habits. But I do not control those ladybugs.

Here are directions and much more info about the park.  Here's a map of where we're going. Bring water, food, warm clothes, friends, and a change of clothes in case we find any mud.

See you Sunday!

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