Saturday! Coyote Hills! You!

How many hours have you spent today staring at a screen, large or handheld? How many hours are your kids sitting inside?

Let's counter all of that with some time outside, just like our ancestors did for all of their (much shorter) lives.

Here's the deal:

  • Saturday, November 15 at 10am
  • Coyote Hills Regional Park (here are directions and way more info)
  • We'll meet in front of the visitor center
  • Some will go birding with THE Jack Hayden
  • Some will go biking on their own or together
  • Some will start by birding and then go biking. And probably vice versa too. 
  • We'll have lunch in front of the visitor center around 12pm. 
Parking is $5. Bring water, food, and as few screens as you can. Friends and family welcome. 

See you there!

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