This is a guilt-free zone

I had a hectic morning at work on Friday. I picked up my kids from school, gear ready to go to Keller Beach at Miller / Knox Regional Shoreline to meet some of you lovely people. I felt tired and frazzled but determined to push through and get ourselves to that beach. But when my kids first saw me, they collapsed into my arms. They said, "do we have to go to the beach??" with maybe more whining that I'm comfortable admitting to you. They were exhausted after a full week of school. And they didn't seem to have the energy to do one more thing.

I've written before about pushing through. Sometimes it's the right thing to do, because once there, once playing outside, it works out. The benefits of sand between your toes outweigh the whining it took to get there. But then sometimes, it's just not right. It's too much for them and too much for you. You gotta give in.

So we're declaring this a guilt-free zone.

I see a lot of you around and a lot of you say stuff like "one of these days I'll come to an Outside Kids walk!" or "we planned to come but then something came up" or something along those lines. I want to say to you, and to myself, there's no guilt allowed here.

We will go outside when it works for us, for our kids, for our schedules and calendars. We will incorporate nature into our lives in ways that work for us, whether it be watching birds out the window or gardening or a walk around the block. And there won't be any guilt that we're not doing enough.



Keepin' it goin'

Turns out that going to a beach on a Friday afternoon feels good. So we're going to keep going.

Join us this Friday, September 19 at 3pm at Keller Beach in Miller Knox Regional Shoreline. Thanks to Robin C. for the idea! It's right through the tunnel in Point Richmond. Here is a map.

Come when you can, stay for however long you want. Bring friends and classmates and neighbors. A change of clothes would be a good idea too.

See you outside!


This was Foint Finole Friday, fart foo

It was a different Point Pinole this week. The tide was high, the air was warm, and there wasn't as much wind. Instead of stick ball there was fort building. Instead of clay pots there were big holes dug in the sand. And lots of time in the water. All of which is a good reminder that nature changes and every time you go, the experience can be (will be) different. 


Foint Finole Friday part two (fart foo?)

We're going back!

Foint Finole Friday is this Friday, September 12. We'll get there at 3pm, come when you can and stay for as long as you want.

Directions and such are here. Scroll down on the website for pictures from fart fun (part one).

Once you're at the parking lot, here's what to do if you don't see an Alex and a Benny:
  • Walk up to the bridge
  • Wait for a train to pass under the bridge (who knows how long we'll wait)
  • Cross the bridge
  • Turn left onto the Bay Trail just after crossing the bridge
  • Walk about .5 mile (maybe it's less, I don't know)
  • Take a very short single-track path down to the beach
  • Play


This is what Foint Finole Friday looks like

About 25 people gathered at Point Pinole last Friday for the first ever (as far as I'm aware of) Foint Finole Friday. This is what it looked like. We'll do it again on September 12. Join us!