Introducing Foint Finole Fridays

Summer vacation is over. It's time to go back to school, back inside, back to schedules and classes and homework. While there are many good things about this, I mourn the reduced amount of time together with my kids outside. So to cope....

We're launching Foint Finole Fridays! This translates in English to going to Point Pinole on Fridays, September 5 and 12. We'll meet in the parking lot at 3pm. And then we will:

  • Walk up to the bridge
  • Wait for a train to pass under the bridge (who knows how long we'll wait)
  • Cross the bridge
  • Turn left onto the Bay Trail just after crossing the bridge
  • Walk about .5 mile (maybe it's less, I don't know)
  • Take a very short single-track path down to the beach
  • Play
  • Explore
  • Probably play baseball with a stick and some random thing for a ball that we find on the beach
  • Exhale

Anyone is welcome to join us for any or all of this adventure. Come when you can, stay as long as you want. RSVPs are not necessary. We'll probably head back to the car about 6pm.

If for some reason we have to cancel, we will post it here on the blog and on Facebook. But you should go anyway.

Directions and such are here.

Happy new-school-year to you all. Let's go outside!

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