Rain means creeks means fun

It's almost time for our pilgrimage to Sunol and Alameda Creek that runs through it.

Join us to celebrate Earth Day by splashing in a creek, singing songs on top of a log, looking for bones, and generally loving our earth. We'll meet near the bridge (just after you pass the kiosk when you drive in) on Saturday, April 26 at 10:30am. Directions are here. How Outside Kids works is here.

We are going to try something new this year (we're feeling bold) and go right after crossing the bridge and walk up to Little Yosemite. It'll be about a 3 mile walk round trip with lots of chance to pull out and rest. More on the details soon.

When I asked our kids where we should go next for Outside Kids, they both yelled "Sunol!!" So there you have it. Join us.

PS: Too bad this is closed on weekends. I'm going to see if we can stop here on the way home. And I know that my traveling companions will want to go here afterwards.

PPS: Your homework is to read this. And this. And this is amazing.

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