A Mashup

I am a better parent because of Children's Community Center (CCC). Yes, it's a preschool and our sons have grown and learned and made friends and so much more there. That's what preschools are really for, right? For the kids? Well, I might enjoy going to CCC than Benny.

Our next Outside Kids is going to be different because it will benefit our beloved CCC. On Sunday, March 9 we will head to Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve. We'll run and walk and stroll and climb and explore... all that's the same. But we'll also raise some money for CCC's scholarship fund. The suggested donation for adults is $10 and for kids is $5. If you want to give more, awesome. If that's more than your budget can allow, that's cool too. Just come. We're going outside and exploring and it'll be fun.

We'll meet in the Sibley parking lot at 10:30am. Bring lunch and water and good walking shoes. That's all you need. A nice-to-have-but-not-necessary is a picnic blanket.

We'll walk to some labyrinths and we'll walk in circles in/around them. We'll think about volcanoes and what they might really look like. We'll watch for birds and we'll definitely see cows. We did this CCC-Outside Kids mashup last year and this is what it looked like then

If the weather is looking wet (which I kinda hope it will be... we need rain!), I'll post a go-no-go decision here on this website on Saturday, March 8. 

More about Outside Kids over here. Directions to Sibley can be found here. All are welcome: current CCC families, CCC alumni, and anyone else who thinks kids are fun and funny.

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