What it looked like

We enjoyed scary beautiful January weather at Morgan Territory on Sunday and it looked a little bit like this:

It was 5 years ago this April that we started this Outside Kids thing and the first place we went was Morgan Territory. Then we walked maybe 1 mile and endured melt downs before we got back to the parking lot. We were also 3 families. Things have changed. Next time we go, we'll definitely go further now that our legs are up to the challenge. And there are a lot more of you participating!

We talked a lot while walking about how dry it was. It should be green instead of brown. The seasonal creeks were completely dry and the ponds had barely any water if they did at all. What are the birds doing without fresh seeds? What are all of the animals doing without their usual wet winter? It's easy to ignore the impacts of the drought from our comfortable homes, but it's another thing out there in the wilds of Contra Costa County. Lots to think about...


It didn't work

Our plan to make plans and influence the weather didn't work. The forecast for now to forever is sunny and warm. Drat.

But we're still going. Join us at Morgan Territory this Sunday, January 26 at 10:30am. We'll meet in the parking lot on Morgan Territory Road. Directions are here. I'll put maps on the windshield of our silver Prius for anyone coming late. This is a go-at-your-own-pace kinda thing. It's also a really-fun-kinda-way-of-being-together thing.

Maybe we'll do a rain dance. Bring your funky moves and let's see if we can make it rain.


If we schedule, rain will come

We need rain. Badly. So let's plan a walk outside and then it will rain. Right?

Let's go to Morgan Territory on Sunday, January 26 at 10:30am. Ya hear that, weather gods?

We went last year at about this same time and found all kinds of good stuff. For one, we have to go check out Olivia's tree where we found owl pellets and bones. We also have to see Angelina's and Christopher's granary tree which I somehow missed last time. We have to run. We have to climb rocks and trees. And we want to check out (from a distance) the scar that the Morgan Fire left on Mount Diablo.

We'll meet in the parking lot on Morgan Territory Road. Directions are here. Bring food and water. This is a good adventure for big and small kids. Big and small aunts and uncles are welcome too. A hand-drawn map will be on our silver Prius' windshield for those who come late.

And if it rains and we need to postpone, fantastic. The rain will be welcomed.