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If you want to go for a walk in the next week or so, maybe because you have eaten too much or because you want to take visiting family somewhere cool or because you need some alone time or maybe there's some other reason, I have an idea for you. At the intersection of Prince and Stream trails in Redwood Regional Park there are hundreds - maybe even thousands - of ladybugs. Yes, ladybugs. Crawling all over the place in mounds. It's an awesome sight that is worth sight-ing. It's also a very cool sound if they're moving around (that rhymes).

You can get there from the Redwood Gate off of Redwood Road (drive till the end of the driveway and walk up the Stream Trail for about 1.5 miles) or Skyline Gate off of Skyline Boulevard (go downhill on Stream trail for about 1.5 miles). With little legs I'd recommend the Redwood Gate approach since it's way flatter.

If you go, tread lightly and don't disturb all those wonderful little black and red creatures. They don't like big boots stomping on them. Here are directions to the Redwood Gate. And here are past outings and adventures at Redwood.

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