What it looked like

We walked off all that turkey at Coyote Hills yesterday and it looked a little bit like this:

We were 30 kids, parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends. We found some things that we know and love from past visits, and some new things too. But we didn't see as many birds as I anticipated because (I'm guessing) the marsh was drained of its water (which I'm curious about, too). We did see a white tailed kite, mallard ducks, one big white pelican, and a ton of little brown jobs

Coyote Hills is a great place to go with bikes, for friends who live in the East Bay and South Bay to meet, and to meander on boardwalks and in old salt ponds. But note, it's different than Coyote Point. That one word can make a big difference.

We have some ideas for upcoming walks and we'll post them here on this website and on Facebook. So stay tuned!

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