Introducing Point Molate

It was a Friday morning and one of my kids didn't have school. I had read about this new park and wanted to check it out. So off we went to Point Molate.

It's not a big beach and it's a 50 yard walk from the car to the water. And it's nothing fancy. But we had fun and the kid has asked to go back. The view of the bridge and Marin is beautiful. We found tons of sea glass and shells. We also found two skulls: one from a big bird and one from a tiny one. It was fun to explore a new part of the East Bay and it was fun to see the bay from a new perspective. And the kid scored 17 points in our game of baseball with a piece of driftwood and a tree knot for a ball.

Here are directions. We say go check it out, just for fun.

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