What it feels like

We went to Redwood Regional Park and it looked a little bit like this:

We weren't a big group, but we were outside and breathing forest air and running fast and giggling. And all of that felt good. 

It's a busy and inside-focused time of year now that we're almost to November. While inside and warm, we are cooking up a few ideas for Outside Kids this winter and spring. Check out the Facebook group and this website for updates when the timer beeps and what we have cookin' is ready.


Next up!

Our next outing will be Sunday, October 20 at 10:30am at Redwood Regional Park. We planned on going this Sunday, October 13, but realized that it's Sunday Streets in Berkeley and we don't want to miss an opportunity to play in the street. Last year's Sunday Streets was so much fun:

So join us on Shattuck Avenue somewhere this Sunday AND along Redwood Creek next Sunday. Deal?

Redwood is great for about 100 reasons. Here are some:
  1. It's a short drive that takes you far away
  2. The trail we take is pretty flat and wide and easy to navigate
  3. There are big meadows where we can see lots of sky 
  4. We spend a lot of time in the redwood forest where we can't see any sky
  5. People of all kinds and sizes and colors go there
  6. It offers places to sit and be still as well as space to run and stretch your legs
Do you have reasons why you love going there? I want to hear it. Share here or on Facebook. Or live and in person on the 20th... how's that for an idea?

We hope to see you at Redwood. Here is how Outside Kids works. Friends and family and classmates and colleagues are welcome! Here are directions to Redwood. Note that there isn't cell coverage once you're in the park.


All the things I didn't do

I didn't make much of a plan. I just drove my kids up to Tilden and said we're going to explore.

I didn't know where I was going. I have driven from the Little Farm to the Carousel about 100 times over the past 7 years of parenthood but never stopped at one of the picnic spots along the way. I figured we'd start there.

I didn't tell the kids what we were doing, except that I wanted to see what was there. I didn't make a big deal out of it or over-explain things in the way that I'm really good at doing most of the time. I didn't tell them that they HAD to do this. I didn't say much, really.

I didn't pack a backpack with a first-aid kit, extra water bottles, a change of clothes, a blanket to sit on, snacks for any type of craving that just might strike one of us, or one of many bird books or other identification books/thingies we have so we get to know nature better. I didn't pack anything.

I didn't bring my camera or my phone. There's no cell coverage in the crevices of Tilden so the phone part of the phone was useless, anyway.


What did we do?

My sons and I spent an hour and a half exploring. We parked the car and got out. I brought the car keys and that's it. We found an owl pellet that was super hairy and old. We crouched UNDER a redwood tree and all of its enormous roots! We saw (and accidentally stepped on) a banana slug. We sailed boats (branches, twigs) down the creek. We climbed an old bay tree that could easily pass for a very still octopus. We were kings and the kings' mom. We navigated a tricky creek crossing. We saw a Townsends warbler which is my favorite bird and a sign I wait for that says that the season is changing. We stood very still to watch a Chickadee, which the 7-year-old in the group said is his favorite bird. We decided to go home as a group when we were ready to leave.

I don't have pictures to share. But I have a feeling that I won't forget anytime soon. It's a good feeling and I highly recommend it to everyone.