Out in Martinez

This is a glimpse of what our recent trip to Martinez looked like. While the open space at the Martinez Regional Shoreline isn't expansive, it was an easy walk in a new place and I think that's pretty fun. My heart races in big wide open places like Morgan Territory or Sunol, but this was okay too. More importantly, the kids had fun.

Our next trip will be to Redwood which is another place where my heart sings (or races or is just happy). Will you join us?


What if we stopped going outside?

It's that time of year when everything shifts. The light changes and the days are noticeably shorter. School has started and there's a hurry in our homes and around town. We spend less time at the pool (or park, beach, camping, playground) and more time inside. And this is the time of year when I start getting more adamant that we go outside. Why? Here's one reason:

Here's another

And so we will go to Martinez Regional Shoreline this Sunday, September 8. We'll board a 11:09am Amtrak at the Berkeley station and arrive at Martinez at 11:42am. Join us on the train or at the Martinez station by car. We'll walk out to the water and see what we see. 

How this Outside Kids thing works is over here. The more the merrier so invite new classmates, new neighbors, and anyone else you want. No RSVPs are needed. Bring your own food, water, and sense of wonder.