School's out!

Well, almost. We're going outside on Sunday, June 16 at 10:30am and we're headed to Point Pinole. For Berkeley schools that's two days after the last day of school. If you get out earlier or later or don't go to school yet, come in the spirit of the beginning of summer. We'll dance and sing and yell and shake our booties.

We're going to Point Pinole which I've written about 100 times before. Here's what it looks like:

Join us in the parking lot at 10:30am. We'll walk up across the bridge, look for trains, then head on the Coastal Trail until the trail makes a sharp right heading inland. We'll turn left down to the beach where we'll find treasures of some kind. Or many kinds. We'll have lunch. And we'll head back when we need to.

More about how Outside Kids works is here. Bring a change of clothes in case we get wet. Shoes okay to walk in water are a good thing. Directions to Point Pinole are here.

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