Maiden voyage

We ventured to Point Pinole on Sunday and spent some time on the beach in the wind. Wind is good for sailing and so we put together a raft and set sail. Sticks, shells and sea glass were the main materials. Duct tape and garden twine (not sure what it's called, really) held it all together. 

It was muddy out there and so a pier was built.

And there it sailed! We watched it bop and bob to the north until it was out of sight. I like pretending that a family on the other side of the point was splashing in the water and this suddenly appeared...

Inspiration for this really fun experiment came from Imagine Childhood. Sarah put together a very thoughtful and creative book, in which we have stuck about 100 post-it-notes for projects we want to do this summer. Personally I want to build more boats... that was fun!

Our next Outside Kids adventure will be September 8 at Redwood Regional Park. Or maybe somewhere else, we'll see what the mood is in late August. School will have just started and we'll need to go outdoors. In the meantime, have a great summer!

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