I hate to do this

I hate to do this, but we have to cancel the May 18 outing to Martinez. Of course, we don't have reservations for a private train and there will be no tickets required to enter Martinez Regional Shoreline. You can still go! I hope that you will! That will assuage my guilt hugely. Will you share pictures?

We were going to walk from the train station through the city park to the shoreline. I wasn't sure, yet, where we were going to go exactly. I was hoping the little legs amongst us would lead the way. Here is more information about it, including pictures, that might entice you to venture on your own. I hope that you will.

Our next adventure will be Sunday, June 16 at 10:30am. Maybe we'll try this Martinez trip, or maybe we'll go to Point Pinole, or maybe somewhere else. We'll see what our mood is as the date draws closer.

No Outside Kids adventures are planned in July or August. We'll start up again in September.

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