In 3 weeks

Our next Outside Kids adventure will be three weeks from today. 

On Saturday, May 18 we'll board a 11:09am train in Berkeley headed for Martinez. It costs $24 / adult for round trip and $12 / child for round trip, and look into AAA discounts. If that's not your thing, meet us at the Martinez Amtrak station at 11:42am. We'll explore the park across from the train station in Martinez and go out to the water. It's the Delta out there and who knows what we'll find.

Save the date!


Frogs and fossils and old fashioned cell phones

Today we went to Sunol Regional Wilderness and these are some of the things my camera saw:

That's a fossil that we found. Those are sea shells from some sea that was here some millions of years ago. I still think it's amazing that we found it.

The hills are green there but won't be for long. If you are looking to go somewhere outside that feels a world away, Sunol is it.


Sunol on Sunday

If you want to go outside and see somewhere new, come this Sunday to Sunol.

If you want to exhale and relax in some clean air, come to Sunol on Sunday. 

If your kids have a lot of energy and like playing with other kids, come this Sunday to Sunol

If you love living in the Bay Area, come to Sunol on Sunday. 

If you love sunshine and air that's about 70 degrees, come on Sunday to Sunol.

We'll meet at 10:30am at the bridge that's to the right about 100 yards if you're facing the Old Green Visitor Center. There will be kids making noise - you'll find us. We'll cross the bridge and turn left. We'll walk until the trail starts to look less official than it does at the start. We'll keep walking. We'll walk until there's a big clearing by Alameda Creek and that's where we'll set up camp. It's not a far hike even if this description makes it feel like it is. 

How Outside Kids works is here. Directions to Sunol are here (or click here). See past excursion there. And be sure to pack shoes that can go into the water. Walking on rocks in the creek doesn't feel so good on the feets.


The schedule

Somehow we've found ourselves in April and somehow our calendar has filled up lickety split. If you've been watching the Upcoming Walks section over there -------------------------------------------->
you're noticed that the dates have changed. A few times. We're stopping that now and finalizing the April, May and June dates. Get your calendars out (or open it in a new tab) and let's write in pen.

April 14 - next Sunday! - we're going to a real serious favorite, Sunol. We'll meet at 10:30am near the Old Green Barn Visitor Center. The walk is a short one and the destination is glorious. You can see past trips to Sunol here.

May 18 - we're going to somewhere new in a new way. We'll take Amtrak from the Berkeley station to Martinez where we'll explore the Martinez Regional Shoreline. It's just a short walk from the train station and it just might be fun. More on where we're going later. The important thing to note now is that we'll board the 11:09am train at Berkeley and that it costs $24 / adult for round trip and $12 / child for round trip.

June 16 - school's out and we're going outside. Not sure where yet, but we have time to figure that out.

More information about the trips will be posted here. So come back and share it with your friends.