Get a dose of Vitamin D on Saturday

It's the season of colds, flus, and other not-so-fun things. There are lots of ways of combatting these nasty things and one of them is to soak up the sun and its delicious Vitamin D.

There's a place we're going on Saturday called Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve and there will be lots of Vitamin D there. The Vitamin D might be cold - like in the high 50s - but it'll be there.

We'll meet in the parking lot at 10:30am. We'll walk up the hill, go clockwise around the volcano, and find some labyrinths to dizzy ourselves with. We'll have lunch in the sun. Then we'll head home around the east / south side of the volcano. We might see a cow. A map that a 4-year-old can read will be provided (and left on our car's windshield should you arrive late which is totally fine) so that you can move as fast or slow as you wish to move.

Bring walking shoes, warm clothes, lunch, water, and some energy. That's all you really need. Extra clothes in the car is sometimes a good idea. Sometimes people like blankets to sit on at lunch. It's up to you.

This Outside Kids adventure is different than others. It's a benefit for the World's Greatest Preschool - Children's Community Center. Suggested donations are $10/adult and $5/kid and will be collected upon arrival. If you want to give more, fantastic! If that's a stretch for you financially and you really want to come, just come anyway. It'll be fun.

Directions to Sibley can be found here.

See you Saturday!

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  1. Soaking with the delicious vitamin d from the sun with its outstanding vitamin d benefits is what I love the most about enjoying the weekends as well. Especially that my work is being in front of the computer for almost the entire day.