To the Territory we go!

Will you go outside with us on January 20? That's this coming Sunday and we're headed to the Morgan Territory. We'll meet at the parking lot on Morgan Territory Road at 10:30am. And we'll head off on an adventure.

I hope that Olivia is coming and that we can return to the tree she found where an owl lives:

Under that tree were an estimated 75 owl pellets and a million rodent bones. It was awesome! We'll run around and stomp in mud and explore and jump off rocks and find cool old branches and generally have fun.

Morgan Territory is one of my favorites for Outside Kids. It's a bit of a drive for most of us but it's like traveling to another place and time where all your stresses and worries float away. I don't want to over-hype it in case you hate it, but, well, it's the best ever.

Bring lunch and water and warm clothes. We'll find the sun and we'll move a lot but it's forecasted to be cold. Directions can be found here (click on Plan Trip to Here). Questions about how this all works can be found here.

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  1. I'm sorry to say we have a birthday party commitment, but hope you have a wonderful time. I have to agree - this is one of the best places there is! And it's got a cool name.