A little different, but just as much fun

Our next outing is going to be a little different. It will be a little closer to home and with a benefit greater than the benefits we usually offer (getting outside, seeing friends, mice bones, etc).

 Look at little Benny! 

On Saturday, February 9 at 10:30am we're headed to Sibley Regional Volcanic Preserve and the outing will benefit a really special preschool, Children's Community Center (CCC). Alex went to CCC and now Benny is there. The kids aren't the only ones who "go" to CCC - the whole family goes to CCC. I volunteer there once a week to dig in the sand, make snack, clean up fabulous messes, and sing songs. I'm also on the Board which I really enjoy. We have friends who we'll be friends with forever because of CCC. John told me that he volunteered at a Buildings & Grounds workday last weekend. The teachers are amazing and the sense of community is incredible. We love the place.

So here's how it'll work at this slightly different Outside Kids. The suggested donation for adults is $10 and for kids is $5. If you want to give more, awesome. If that's more than your budget can allow, that's cool too. Just come. We're going outside and exploring and it'll be fun.

We'll meet in the parking lot at 10:30am. Bring lunch and water and good walking shoes. That's all you need. If you want to sign up because signing up is something you like to do, CCC is handling registration here.

We'll walk to some labyrinths and we'll walk in circles in/around them. We'll think about volcanoes and what they might really look like. We'll watch for birds and we'll definitely see cows. And the hills will look different than the pictures above - that was July. This will be February.

If the weather is looking very wet, I'll post a go-no-go decision here on this website on Friday, February 8. More about Outside Kids over here. Directions to Sibley can be found here. Hope to see you on February 9!

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