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Planning a trip outside this time of year can be tricky. The weather could be absolutely gorgeous or very wet. I drove some sleeping boys around Tilden the other day and it was all I could do from stopping and going for a hike. Maybe I could be back to the car before they woke up?! No, I didn't  get out of the car but instead I'm going to see if you'll join us outside this December.

Let's try for Sunday, December 9 at 10:30am at the Botanical Garden in Tilden. There's a small parking lot and some extra parking at the bottom of South Park Drive (which is closed November-March to protect the sweet little newts who like crossing the street. Why does the newt cross the road? I don't know but it'd make a great joke.) We'll meet at the Botanical Garden entrance gate and go from there. This won't be an out-and-back or a loop kind of walk... we'll just all go exploring and end up together for lunch at some pre-determined location (that I'll figure out then). Note that cell phones don't get good coverage in this part of Tilden. Directions can be found here.

Have you been to the Botanical Garden before? There are lots of little paths, channels and tunnels for the streams running through the place, and a fun mix of sneaky forests and wide open spaces. If it's raining, bring your boots and jackets and we'll find shelter (and maybe mushrooms) in the redwood forests. We'll find fun where we can.

How Outside Kids works is here. Hope to see you outside on December 9!

(Pictures are from November 2008)

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