We are Outside Kids

I often say that I consider an Outside Kids outing a success if my family is in the car at 10am and on our way to some big and open space with trees and frogs and hopefully a creek. Whatever happens after that is just icing on the cake. We're going outside and that's my goal.

Another measure of success - not that I'm into measuring or metrics or anything - is you. When my family of four arrives at a parking lot next to a big and open space, you are there. Sometimes it's a small group. Sometimes there is a lot of you. But you're there. My kids are not alone in their explorations of their world. 

Something really cool happened at our outing to Redwood Regional Park this past weekend. Well, two things. First was that there were over 40 people there! Some moved fast and some moved slowly and we all breathed in the air of the redwood trees. Second was that I overheard a friend of one of my friends tell her friend all about Outside Kids. This group of people going outside together is getting bigger.

And all of that - all of you - make me very happy.

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