Exhale on Sunday

Let's go outside. Let's run. Skip, hop, stroll, walk. Let's be loud and sing. Let's sing the wrong words. Let's think about trees and creeks and ladybugs and ferns. Enjoy being wall-less, schedule-less, chair-less, screen-less. Let's take a big inhale of that fresh air. Lift our shoulders up to bring it all in. And then let's exhale. Drop those shoulders down. Again and again. And see what happens.

This Sunday we're going to Redwood Regional Park at 10:30am. We're meeting in the south end of the park off of Redwood Road. Pay $5 at the kiosk and drive till the end of the driveway/road till the end. We'll meet there and walk up the Stream Trail to that bridge in the picture above. We'll cross that bridge and collapse into a small meadow. Then we'll walk back. It's simple. Elegantly simple.

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