Usually we explore somewhere with Outside Kids in August. But we're not this year. With so many people on vacation and most of us spending time outside anyway, it didn't seem right. But pretty soon, if not already, most of us will switch gears big time and head indoors to classrooms and auditoriums and schedules and lunch boxes and backpacks. I'm thinking that once we've made that shift, we'll need to make some time to go back outside.

The next Outside Kids walk will be on September 30 at 10:30am at Sibley Volcanic Preserve. Yep, that's right: volcanoes. And labyrinths. And big trails. And big views. We'll run and climb and throw and walk until we're dizzy. And we'll shake out all of those new-school-year-ya-yas.

More about Sibley soon. Now it's time to go back outside and soak up the last days of summer....