Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

There's a pattern to the Outside Kids madness.

In the spring we head east into the warm but not yet hot parts of the Bay Area where the hills are green and not yet golden brown and the creeks have water flowing. In the summer we stay near the Bay where the cool breezes off of the water usually keep the air temperatures tolerable. So on July 15 - that's this Sunday - we'll head to 1-2 feet above sea level and explore Coyote Hills Regional Park. Join us!

But first, there's some pre-reading for you grown-ups. Read this article - Look, Don't Touch - by David Sobel and published in the delicious Orion Magazine. I couldn't agree more. And that's why there's no program to these Outside Kids adventures. We just go.

And what better place to "just go" than Coyote Hills. It's big and flat and wide and spacious. There are birds and feathers and ground squirrels and lizards. There are cool salt ponds to explore which kinda feel like the moon or some other planet. There's a marsh with raised boardwalks to walk on. There's a shellmound left by the people who lived in this beautiful place hundreds of years ago. What there isn't a lot of is shade... so bring yourself a hat and put on some sunscreen. We'll lie in the shade of the oak trees near the very cool Visitor Center after our explorations.

We'll meet in the parking lot in front of the Visitor Center at 10:30am on Sunday, July 15. Directions can be found here. How this all works can be found over here

Hope to see you outside!

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