Trains and duct tape - what's not to love

I love Point Pinole.

Have I told you that already? There is entertainment for the kids while I pack up the backpack, tie my shoes, and lock the car (train tracks are right there and the opportunity to wave to a passing Amtrak is priceless). The park is flat which makes it easy for bikes, wheelchairs, and a slow meander while kids run ahead (they always do). There are so many things to do: the beach along the Bay View Trail, the simple playground in the middle of the park, the old dynamite mounds in the eucalyptus groves, the pier at the most northern point (or do nothing and lay on the beach). Then there's the history of the place (dynamite!) and the neighboring community (Parchester Village is worth googling). And you know I love the soothing sounds of the Richmond Gun Club in the distance and the beautiful sights of the Chevron Richmond Refinery to the south. Ahh... nature.

We've been many times before (see here). And we're going back. This Sunday, June 24 at 10:30am we'll meet in the parking lot and wait for Amtrak to go by.

Will you join us?

My co-pilots want to go fishing. So sticks, string and nets are going to be our tools de jour. We have also talked about collecting garbage off of the beach so we'll have some plastic bags and duct tape on hand (this video is an inspiration). Bring food and water, sunscreen and hats. Extra clothes are good to have on hand when we get back to the parking lot. Fishing can get wet.

See how this whole Outside Kids thing works over here. And we'll see you on Sunday!

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