Beetles! Rabbits! Horses! Tadpoles!

A whole bunch of people left the 57 degree side of the Caldecott tunnel and braved the hot inland temperatures (91 degrees by our car's estimate) to find a whole lot of goodness.

Yes, it's a drive.  And yes, it can be darn hot out there.  But it is so worth it!  There is so much to explore and there is so much quiet to hear.  We sat in the shade of a tree and cooled down.  We found a fig tree!  We saw beetles, rabbits, ground squirrels, horses, horse poop, hawks, and tadpoles.  Some of us got really dirty.  It was awesome.

Getting there:
Transit and Trails

More about it:
East Bay Regional Park District


This Sunday! Round Valley!

We're on!  The weather forecast is gorgeous, Round Valley is going to be green and alive, and it's Earth Day. What better thing to do than go on a hike?

Directions to Round Valley are here and pasted below. Bring lunch, lots of water, sun protection, and lots of energy. We'll meet in the parking lot.

From I-680, exit at Ygnacio Valley Road. Proceed on Ygnacio Valley Road to Clayton Road in Concord and turn right (east). Clayton Road becomes Marsh Creek Road in Clayton. Proceed east on Marsh Creek Road, past Deer Valley Road, until you reach the preserve staging area on your right.