Rollin' with it

I had plans. 

My plans involved a short 0.6 mile walk around the Earthquake Loop at the Bear Valley Visitor Center.  We were going to talk about faults, tectonic plates, and the Richter scale.  We were going to run, skip, and probably find some awesome sticks.  

It was December and the day short and crisp.  I wanted to get outside before the rains come.  I wanted to disconnect from schedules, work, school.

Twenty feet from the parking lot we found a ton of small sticks perfect for constructing an X-wing fighter with some duct tape we brought for the project.  Twenty feet from the parking lot we found some gopher hills that needed to be flattened out and some sticks built for the job.  

Instead of my plans we spent 90 minutes 20 feet from the parking lot.  We were outside.  We disconnected from schedules, work and school.  We played with sticks and used our imaginations.  We saw woodpeckers, juncos, titmouses, and chickadees.  But it wasn't what I planned.  

And I'm okay with that.