Morgan Territory

Morgan Territory was what I craved when I started Outside Kids.  Big open spaces, trees to explore, rocks to climb, and birds to track.  Lots of room to roam.  Writing about it makes me want to cancel whatever plans we have for tomorrow and go out there.  

What it's all about.

Located on the southeast side of Mount Diablo in Contra Costa County, Morgan Territory is out there.  It takes a while to get to.   And it takes some motivation for a drive and for something new.   Plus, doesn't the name of the park make it feel like you're going somewhere special?  It's not a park, it's a Territory.

Morgan Territory is a huge place and some of the trails go on for miles and miles.  You and your kid(s) could easily go out on one trail and just turn around when the time is right.  The Bob Waker Trail is one I'd love to walk the length of someday.  Another option, and one great for young children, is to make a loop counter-clockwise from the parking lot that is about a mile or so.   Start out on the Volvon Trail and turn left on the Condor Trail.  

 Owl pellets are very cool.

On one Outside Kids excursion to Morgan Territory we stopped to have lunch under an oak tree.  After eating her lunch, one of us, age 4, went exploring nearby and found a treasure.  Under a large hollow of a tree were dozens and dozens of owl pellets.  It was incredible!  Tiny bones and skulls, all laying there for the finding.  But not just bones... bones that owls threw up!  Eww, so gross.  The kids loved it.

The time of year to go to Morgan Territory is the winter and spring.  The grass will be green and the temperatures not too hot.  I love the moss that grows on the trees and which is beautifully exposed in the winter.  It's a stunning place.

Getting there: 
Transit and Trails

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Morgan Territory


  1. I can't believe I haven't been there yet. Definitely a must do this winter. Thanks for the compelling reminder!

  2. Yes! It's an amazing place. Big and wide open and quiet. Let us know when you go and if you're wanting company...